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At WS Construction, safety is the most important consideration we have to make. It's that simple. There are many things we have to consider in every erection we take on - building codes, expense, design, concept, labor - but none more important than the safety of our workers. We want to be sure that every man who leaves our plant returns to it completely unharmed. OSHA has made this its focus, but not before we made it ours.

Safety in the Workplace

WS Construction, in making a very sincere effort to have an accident and injury free work place, has made a management commitment to its employees to try to achieve a goal where each and every employee goes home at night in the same physical condition as when they began their work duties that morning - with no accidents, injuries or fatalities.

The WS Construction Commitment

Towards this commitment, WS has implemented a no tolerance, 100% fall protection erection procedure and plan. In doing this, WS has recognized that the safe way of erecting their metal building is by using personnel lifts and by requiring that employees be tied off at all times by the use of lifelines, lanyards and harnesses. To ensure that this policy is adhered to, all employees are given extensive job hazard awareness training in identifying the hazards associated with their work activities and identifying when and how to use personal fall arrest systems that are mandatory for WS employees.

Monitoring and Supervision

This commitment is followed up by very strict and continuous jobsite audits of the worksite. WS Construction's training and site inspection monitoring is conducted under the supervision of SafetyTech Consultants, Inc. on an ongoing basis.

Safety on larger projects

Owens Corning's ELAMINATOR 300's has a patented system of guardrails, nonslip platforms, and cantilever plates for the larger projects. These provide the quality of worker protection that W.S. Construction requires of its products.

Safety Nets

ELAMINATOR 300 can reduce your overall installation costs when you compare it to other methods requiring safety nets and other total fall protection. You have to experience this safety system to appreciate the remarkable quality that only the Elaminator provides. For more information on how installation using ELAMINATOR 300 can improve your projected construction expenses, call, fax or email using the information below.


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